Eliminating Noises and Vibrations

In order to ensure proper control and analysis of possible vibrations in a relatively simple and efficient way, it is enough to place any tool on the bearing, approaching the ear and detecting, in this way, the failures caused by the noise. Care must be taken when replacing one bearing for another and at long intervals, changing the rest position of the rotors of the electric motors as well as the moving parts of the machines. In the case of engines e80 omega element that operate with a vertical axis or other inclines, the engine must be specifically designed for this purpose, and is generally equipped with a thrust bearing.

An electric machine should never be attached to any slope of its axis without its own characteristics being known. Some possible vibrations that may be considered abnormal can cause a significant reduction in the performance and performance of the engine, considering that they may be the result of a fault in the alignment, insufficient or faulty fixing of the motor in its base, excessive clearances of the bearings , or even improper balancing of the rotating parts. In order to control this factor, some preventive measures can be taken, such as observing the condition of the bearings and the average life of the bearings.