Engine Cooling System

The cooling system in the design of the machine is generally chosen depending on the application of the electric motor, Gates AX28 always taking into account the protection of the frame and the efficiency of the cooling. Regarding the protection of the housing, the conditions of the environment where the machine will be installed are categorical. The volume of the electric machine is related to the efficiency of the thermal exchange, and the cooling system by water mantle allows to design a machine with a smaller volume and also a lower noise level when compared to the other refrigeration systems.

The motor with the water jacket cooling system can be applied in the most diverse environments, having a robust and compact design, its construction is totally closed offering a high degree of protection, being able to be up to IP66. Thus, the thermal exchange is done directly with the water, and can thus operate normally in aggressive environments, such as high ambient temperatures, dust, mud as long as the cooling water forming the mantle shows the specified temperature. The cooling system of electric motors must be able to take out all the heat generated by the losses generated inside the machine.