The cool ones are green, blue , purple and darker tones like navy blue and brown.

The colors of warm houses make the environment more alive, energetic, while
the colors of cold houses make the atmosphere more cozy. You can choose
cool or warm ink colors according to your preference. This harmonization is the
great preference when decorating the kitchen , whether in the choice of wall or
furniture colors. This is precisely because it allows for different combinations of
accessories and decorative objects in different colors and never makes the
resident of your choice sick. Neutral paint colors are white, gray, black, beige,
and brown. A good example is the living room below with neutral laminate
flooring. It consists of choosing different shades of the same color. For example,
blue and its variations from lighter to darker, with turquoise blue , navy, royal
or Tiffany blue, for example. It is another favorite color harmonization technique
in decoration, due to its ease of application. Choose your favorite color and
prefer a light shade of paint colors to paint the interior walls. Different paint
colors, house colors, wall colors and even objects provoke different
psychological sensations, instigating senses, communication skills or even
favoring a calmer or more aggressive mood. Exterior house painters newton highlands